I normally don’t do review blogs but their was just something so special about this coral springs dentist that I have to share it with you guys.

I was visiting my family down in Florida and had an emergency situation come up where I had to find a dentist immediately. 

I went on Google and did a local search for dentists in their area which just so happened to be Coral Springs.

I’m very particular with who I let work on my teeth as i’ve had bad experiences in the past regarding dentistry practices.

I came across Dr. Ripa who is the owner of Prodent Group located in Coral Springs and he took time out of his personal life to deal with my emergency dental situation and i’ve never even met or spoke to him before today.

His practice was very welcoming and worked with my current insurance provider to provide me with the best service possible at a rate I could afford.

I recommend all who are seeking a dentist in the coral springs area to definitely check these guys out.

They bring the word professional to a whole new meaning! 

Check out this video describing some of the wonderful services that they currently offer!